Little House Consultancy


We help ambitious companies with the strategy and management of their software, organisational and development projects.

Our primary role is working with ambitious businesses that are looking to grow quickly by helping them adopt processes that deliver significant value.

For companies looking to procure and implement software, we act on your behalf as experts, helping you define your needs, shortlist and interview potential suppliers, and finally oversee implementation.

For software development companies, our team can support your growth plans by bringing to bear their experience at CTO level and as entrepreneurs. Areas of particular expertise are strategy, NPD and organisational development.

We work directly with software development departments making interventions that aim to provide visibility of process from user requirement gathering to product definition through to UX testing, generating user stories and sprint planning. 

Richard is a mentor with the Welsh Government Accelerated Growth Programme.

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Software Product Development

From defining your new product's MVP through to managing a legacy development team, our involvement can produce dividends at any stage of the software development process.

Many businesses require a team of software developers to either create the product they sell, or provide support for their main business activities. Either way this places demands on the senior management team that they can be unprepared for. Problems vary from people management, process optimisation, prioritisation to good old-fashioned communication!

There are many techniques that can help the various stakeholders involved. Having someone walk you through these processes speeds up learning and can help you avoid the pitfalls.

Software and Supplier Selection

Having the right software to help you run your business can accelerate your success. Choosing the right supplier to deliver the software is just as critical. The problem with choosing is knowing the right questions to ask. Having someone with experience of the process of evaluating supplier and software leads to quicker, better decisions that will ultimately provide more benefit to the business.

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