Little House Consultancy


We help ambitious companies with the strategy and management of their software, organisational and development projects.

The following are a list of companies and products that we are currently involved in or have been in the past.

Richard spent 15 years at, growing the company from 1 employee to well over 100. The development team grew to over 30 people including an outsourced team in Romania. During that time he oversaw the development of multiple new products, the creation of an SOA platform product ('Rezi' - the total replacement of the core legacy product)  and selected and/or developed many internal systems. Responsibilities went far beyond the development department, being actively involved in the all aspects of the business from HR to Sales, from the strategic to the day to day.

Richard is Co-founder of Sorbet, a property maintenance software solution that helps letting agents communicate with contractors and tenants. With a focus on UX, the system is simple to use yet powerful enough to automate much of the process whilst helping ensure compliance. For more information click here.

At we helped the team develop a productised version of their software dedicated to the food industry called NPDtech. The software was modularised to create a second product focused on Supplier Approval. 

As founders of, the first product from CrowdSorcerer, we created a platform for increasing social media engagement. It simplifies the process of getting instant, realtime answers from your followers.

As part of the team that won the Wales' first StartUp battle -  Our app and platform is revolutionising communication between parents and schools. Parents get a live feed straight to their smartphone with all their child's school activities for that week. Schools can communicate to single year groups or the entire school with up-to-the-minute news and notices avoiding expensive text messaging or time consuming photocopying.

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