Little House Consultancy


We help ambitious companies with the strategy and management of their software, organisational and development projects.

The following shows some of the range of companies that we have consulted for or helped mentor.

Veeqo  - Make life easier - Keep your inventory right and your shipping on time.

Veeqo were already a successful business when they engaged with Little House, but they had reached a point where their product roadmap was behind schedule and they were looking to expand their dev team. They knew that more formal processes and procedures would be needed to manage a bigger team. However, only a couple of weeks after our interventions there was such an improvement in output that the need to expand the team dropped. The processes gave visibility to work that was being carried out and allowed a better focus to the development tasks. The result was development work became more planned and less reactive or adhoc, reducing task switching and improving efficiency.

Stately Albion - Design and build park homes like no other

A successful family run business that has built park homes for over 50 years joined the Accelerated Growth Program. They were introduced to Little House for advice on choosing a software supplier that could build a back office system that automated many of the existing manual processes. First task was to help the senior management team understand their current processes, document them and create a basic project scope. Secondly, a supplier evaluation framework was created and used to compare the pitches of two potential suppliers. The eventual winner was able to use the MoSCoW approach to the document as the basis for the phased project specification. We continued to have a light involvement helping the senior management track progress and define further stages of development. 

Nudjed - Use real data to create a wellbeing programme that boosts productivity.

As a company that promotes well being for improved productivity, Nudjed invest heavily in their staff, ensuring they have access to the best training and mentors. Little House involvement started with a quick overview of current development practices, but has continued with a mentoring role helping the young, but already high performing team continue to deliver high quality products whilst they go through the growing pains of an ambitious start-up. Much of our engagement has focused around what and how to measure development output and comparing it to the planned work, completing the PDCA circle.

About the funeral - The comparison & review site for funerals and pre-paid funeral plans

After 3 failed development attempts, Little House started working with AboutTheFuneral (ATF) as they approached a 4th development company. Ensuring that this new dev team had the competency to do the work was only the start. We helped the founder of ATF manage the relationship with this outsourced dev team, establishing processes for progress reporting and defining specifications. Later work has seen us taken on the role as a part time project manager as the project entered its 2nd phase of development.

Delio Wealth - Institution-Driven access for investors in the private markets

As an early stage start-up, DelioWealth were surprised but overjoyed to have been accepted to participate in the prestigious FinTech selection event. Without any technical expertise themselves, we helped the two founders define a technical strategy that would have a fighting chance during the competition whilst they also recruited for a prospective tech lead. It worked, they were chosen to join the incubator and recruited a CTO. During the following three months we have provided advice on building their future dev team and dealing with moving from a prototype to a MVP.

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